When training your dog there are many different commands that you can choose to teach them. You can pick and choose which tricks to train them, or to train your dog all of them. These variety of tricks also have a variety of uses, some being more useful than others. One trick that is very simple, but still very important to train your dog, is the look at me command.

The look at me command is different from training other commands, because you’re not training any kind of “trick”, but more of a direction. Look at me is very important, because it allow you to get your pets attention in order to give them another command, or simply settle them down. Here are a few steps to help you teach your dog the look at me command.

  1. Any time you train your pet it is important to be sure that you are in a quiet room with limited distractions. This is especially important in the case of look at me, as you are working on commanding your dog to give you their attention.
  2. The first thing you should do is take your dog’s favorite treat, something you know will get their attention, and hold it out in front of their face. Don’t hold it to far or to close, as this will only entice them to either take it out of your hand, or jump for it.
  3. Once you have held the treat in front of them for a few seconds slowly raise the treat up to your face, next to your eyes, and issue the command “look”.
  4. Once you have given the command hold until they look you in the eyes. Once they look you in the eyes, give them the treat and give them praise.
  5. When they begin responding to this exercise more quickly, you may begin issuing the command while holding the treat by your side. At first they will look at the treat in your hand, but hold until they look you in the eye. As soon as they look you in the eyes treat them, and give them praise.

As your dog progresses you can make the training more difficult. First begin by practicing in locations with more distractions, and then begin randomly treating them. If your pet ever begins to mess up, just go back to the step before and practice it to get there confidence back up.
Dogs are a joy to own. Being the owner of a dog is a privilege, not a right. You should always treat your dog with the love and respect they deserve. You should never hit or yell at your dog, especially while training, as this will do nothing but hurt the bond between you and your dog, as well as make them more apprehensive to be trained. When training your dog you should approach the task as you would when working with a child. Dogs are more than just pets, they are a part of the family.

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