How to Stop Dog Barking Permanently

One of the best ways to offend your neighbors is to have non-stop dog barking coming from your property every day. After all, your neighbor didn’t choose to have a new dog, you did. Therefore, your neighbors should not be inconvenienced by your dog’s yapping day and night. Do you and your neighbors a favor, learn how to stop dog barking before it becomes a major problem.

Barking is one of the ways your dog communicates with you. It is also your dog’s way of protecting you. So as your new best friend, barking comes naturally to your dog. As such, your new pal must be taught to avoid incessant, annoying barking. It is best to stop dog barking when your dog is still a puppy, before the barking behavior becomes chronic.

Barking is your dog’s primary form of expression. Dogs bark when they are excited and when they are bored. Dogs bark to let you know something is wrong and to get your attention when they need something. If you pay attention, you will find that oftentimes you can tell what your dog is trying to say by the sound of their bark.

How to Stop Dog Barking Permanently

Barking is also a way for your pup to let you know things aren’t quite right. Some of the livelier dog breeds, like the terrier, need a lot of exercise and playtime, and they may bark to express their disappointment when these areas are deficient. Boredom and lack exercise are two major reasons why your dog might be a problem barker. This often happens with dogs who are left home alone all day while you are at work. If they don’t get any special attention when you finally get home, they will let you know by barking.

In order to address your dog’s barking, you must first realize that your dog does not enjoy being home alone. Dogs need love and attention just like humans, so don’t even think about getting a new puppy if you are not completely prepared to fully integrate the dog into your life and provide it with the love and attention it requires for happiness. Be sure to take a good look at your lifestyle before committing to a dog. No matter what is going on in your life, your dog still needs food, attention, exercise and playtime.

There are some things you can do to keep your dog happy when you will be away for a time. First, help your dog get used to your schedule and then stick to it. This way your dog won’t think you have abandoned them when you leave for work every day. They’ll know you are coming home after a while.

Once your dog is used to your regular schedule, gradually use longer times of absence to prepare them for incidents when you will be away for extended periods. This is best done while your new dog is a puppy because they are more trainable at a younger age.

And don’t forget you can take care of your dog even when you are absent. Be sure to leave them with playthings and chew toys to keep them occupied while you are gone. Having a toy to play with will usually stop your dog from barking incessantly. A special toy stuffed with kibble will probably keep your dog busy for a while and this will stop problem barking and make your dog happy at the same time.

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